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Roads could be overwhelmed

Editor, The Smithfield Times: The effort to add more homes to already impacted road structures such as Battery Park and Nike Park roads is not ... Read more

Alzheimer’s group forms

Editor, The Smithfield Times: They are all around us, but we don’t always see them. They are people like you and me — spouses, moms ... Read more

Lessons from Germany trip

Editor, The Smithfield Times: I’d like to share what I wrote when I returned from a trip to Germany in March.   We as a ... Read more

Leaders should lead by example

For most of us, these are unprecedented times. We haven’t lived through a pandemic, nor have we been witness to insurrection at the highest level ... Read more

Capitol mob was decades in the making

Last Wednesday’s terrorist attack on our nation’s capital was the tragic, but inevitable, culmination of four decades of growing division in our nation. Beginning with ... Read more

Celebrating 50 years at PDCCC

By Dr. Dan Lufkin For most institutions, 2020 was a challenging, unprecedented year. Our lives were affected in ways we had never seen before. As ... Read more

Public officials need to look their constituents in the eye

There’s an old legal maxim that hard cases make bad law. Cases don’t come much harder than the coronavirus pandemic and, sure enough, it’s almost ... Read more

Statue letter was insulting

Editor, The Smithfield Times: As I read the letter “Add monument for Black soldiers” in last week’s Reader Forum, I became very upset. I found ... Read more

More rebuttal of Trump critic

Editor, The Smithfield Times: This is a continuation of my response to Edmond Easter’s Dec. 10 “In sarcastic appreciation” letter, where he thanked Donald Trump ... Read more

2021 is chance to turn the page

A cynic might argue that anything would top 2020, but count us as bullish about 2021 in our community, state and nation. COVID-19 vaccine distribution ... Read more

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