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Before combines, peanut sticks were essential tool of the trade

The recent column about copperheads actually came to mind when I was thinking about writing this one. It’s about peanut poles or peanut sticks. In ... Read more

Dog hunting  group for Tyler

Editor, The Smithfield Times: The leaders of Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance have been asked many times how we decide to support the candidates we choose ... Read more

Vote Democratic for costlier gas

Editor, The Smithfield Times: President Biden canceled the Keystone pipeline and stopped all drilling for petroleum products on public land. These actions cost thousands of ... Read more

Voting options for every taste

Early in-person voting has begun in Surry, Isle of Wight and across Virginia, and we urge people who are so inclined to take advantage of ... Read more

Help shape town’s future

Citizens repeatedly filled the Smithfield Center this spring and summer to protest a developer’s plans to put 800-plus homes on land at Battery Park and ... Read more

‘Woke’ challenge is a bad idea

Editor, The Smithfield Times: Regarding the story ”Smithfield High students challenged to read ‘woke’ ” (Sept. 8), my thought is that whoever created this chose ... Read more

Excited about Surry broadband

Editor, The Smithfield Times: I read with great appreciation the coverage in The Smithfield Times of the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the “Rural Broadband Education Room” ... Read more

Go home after positive test

Editor, The Smithfield Times: If a person goes to, say, CVS or Rite Aid for a COVID test and it’s positive, go home! Quarantine. Don’t ... Read more

Protect the power grid

Editor, The Smithfield Times: We must do more to strengthen our power grid against an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event.  Such an event can result from ... Read more

Polite, persistent activism gets more results than shouting

Citizen activists, angry over any number of things, are increasingly making life miserable for the members of Virginia’s School Boards. As Virginia Coalition of Government ... Read more

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