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Pagan Creek helped Virginia commerce thrive in late 1700s

Prime real estate lots in the town that Arthur Smith envisioned in 1752 were those located on the Pagan Creek, but not because waterfront lots ... Read more

Bill developer for road work

Editor, The Smithfield Times:  I read about the $53,000 shortfall associated with the improvements to the intersection at Brewers Neck and Carrollton boulevards in the ... Read more

Limit Thornton’s pay raise to 2%

Editor, The Smithfield Times: The June 10 Isle of Wight County School Board agenda has items for discussion of Dr. James Thornton’s evaluation, performance, amendment ... Read more

Six-district map viable

Editor, The Smithfield Times: Concerning Isle of Wight County redistricting, it is likely we can form a majority-minority district with a six-district concept. The 2020 ... Read more

Is Smithfield Times bigoted?

Editor, The Smithfield Times: I fear that Critical Race Theory has now infected our very own local weekly newspaper. “CRT” is, of course, the poisonous ... Read more

Congratulations to Class of 2021

With graduation season in full bloom across the area, high school graduates’ time as caterpillars is slowly dwindling and their wings are preparing for flight. ... Read more

Don’t ‘butcher beautiful town’

Editor, The Smithfield Times: This letter is in reference to the proposed development of Mallory Scott Farms. Isle of Wight and Smithfield tout the rural, ... Read more

Takes outsider to know one

Editor, The Smithfield Times: I read with interest a letter to the editor in last week’s Times (“Windsor should ignore outsiders”).  This person criticized a ... Read more

He’s exasperated with school board

Editor, The Smithfield Times: My friend Tom Finderson recently sent a letter to Jackie Carr, Isle of Wight County School Board chair, asking her 44 ... Read more

Not the job of teachers, police

Editor, The Smithfield Times: I had planned to write about how we expect way too much of our teachers and police people. As I began ... Read more

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