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Internet, cellular lagging in IW

A few months back in this space we heaped praise on Surry County officials for showing Virginia the way on world-class broadband internet service. It’s ... Read more

Obits are longer — and better — than in the old days

There have been huge changes in journalism since I first walked into a newsroom in the mid-1960s — and not just in technology, though those ... Read more

Be heard on IW hospital

Editor, The Smithfield Times: We understand that on Dec. 10 Dr. Norm Oliver, commissioner of the Virginia Department of Health, will be making a decision ... Read more

Too soon for ‘burnout’ days

Editor, The Smithfield Times: My wife and I don’t have children in the Isle of Wight school system, but we have many friends who do ... Read more

Transparency still lacking

Editor, The Smithfield Times: On Sept. 22, I received an email from the Isle of Wight County administrator regarding my letter to the editor in ... Read more

Children’s Fund needs support

Editor, The Smithfield Times: The Kiwanis Club of Smithfield was established to serve the children and students of our local communities. For over 40 years, ... Read more

Thankful for hometown merchants in IW, Surry

This robust week of holiday commerce reminds us again of the importance of shopping at home. Despite the many reasons we hear from consumers for ... Read more

Hams earned their place on Thanksgiving table

A ham for Thanksgiving? Of course, there was. Many hams hung in a farmer’s smokehouse during a typical year in the 1950s. Not just hams, ... Read more

Mental health is silent killer

Usually athletes are hailed for their prowess during competition. However, this past summer U.S. Olympic gymnast Simone Biles and tennis star Naomi Osaka captured the ... Read more

He responds to Thornton

Editor, The Smithfield Times: I feel I must respond to the recent article you published (“Thornton refutes ‘lying’ accusations,” Nov. 17). First I would like ... Read more

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