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Comprehensive  plan should guide

Editor, The Smithfield Times: I am writing to express my opposition to the proposed rezoning of the Mallory Scott Farm. The town put a lot ... Read more

Vaccine workers feel church’s love

Editor, The Smithfield Times: I’ve just returned home after spending the afternoon at a COVID vaccine clinic held at Main Street Baptist Church in Smithfield. ... Read more

Preserve, but don’t glorify, hurtful relics 

Editor, The Smithfield Times: I am writing in response to Mr. Albert P. Burckard Jr.’s letter (“County’s culture is being canceled,” March 3) in which ... Read more

IW has changed for the better

Editor, The Smithfield Times: I stand in agreement with the editorial “Supervisors made right call on statue” (March 3). After 116 years, the Isle of ... Read more

One vote can change history

Editor, The Smithfield Times: The politics of electing the governor of Virginia has begun. I have started to receive pledge requests from candidates I have ... Read more

Vaccine decision can be tricky

Editor, The Smithfield Times: I am 84 years old, fairly healthy except for atrial fibrillation and still unvaccinated, but before anyone starts yelling anti-vaxer, systemic ... Read more

Boat graveyards are gone, but keep eye out for remnants

Now that the days are warming up, the weather is perfect for outdoor activity, and for many in Isle of Wight and Surry, that means ... Read more

Nothing like spring in Smithfield

If there’s a town that presents itself better in the spring than Smithfield, we’d love to see it. Locals who might be susceptible to taking ... Read more

Grow and learn after statue’s gone

Editor, The Smithfield Times: A recently published letter (“County’s culture is being canceled,” March 3) contends that the culture of the county is being canceled ... Read more

Stone-cold racism lingers

Editor, The Smithfield Times: In the land of the free, inequality is embedded in the foundations of modern society, etched in the stones we memorialize ... Read more

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